Best of 2021

My interest in blogging waxes and wanes. But every year, there’s one post that I enjoy creating and publishing. It’s on the other blog I keep, my photography blog – It’s a nice and easy blog to maintain. It’s just the one post a year, after all. Published on January 1st, containing a collection of my best photos of the year just gone.

How do I define ‘best’. There’s a good chance I define stuff differently to you. Maybe I like the composition or the colours. Maybe it’s an unusual subject or an interesting angle. Whatever. I sift through forty or fifty photos that I like, and whittle them down till I have about twenty. The one above is my favourite this year. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but it is. Perhaps it just ‘captures the moment’ particularly well. I don’t know,

There is something different about this years ‘Best of’ album though. In most previous years, I excluded any photos shot from my phone. In the last couple of years, I’ve let one or two iPhone photos sneak into the collection. This year, they were almost all shot on my iPhone. There’s just one photo in there from my Fuji XT20. Care to try and call out which one?

This years photos can be seen here –


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