It’s been a varied month. At one point we had temperatures up into the 20s. We’ve had some apocalyptic downpours since then. I’ve been walking up and down the pier most days. We’ve had a couple of trips to London. And I’ve been feeding the squirrels in Bournemouth Gardens lots of monkey nuts. One of … Continue reading October


September is over and it has taken summer with it. The temperatures remained in the low 20s - T-shirt weather - up until yesterday, when they suddenly plummeted by up to ten degrees. I’ve had to wear a jacket for the last two days when venturing outside. We put the heating on for an hour … Continue reading September


Another month, another batch of photos. Thirty one this month, seeing as it’s July. There’s lots of train station, beach and Weymouth. A bit of London. But the best thing about July 2021, generally speaking, was that the towns and cities burst back into life as restrictions ended. Huzzah. Created with RNI Films app. Preset … Continue reading July


Let’s have a quick look through the daily photos for June, shall we? There’s a bit of London, a few days of the Cotswolds, a sprinkle of the Purbecks and a whole load of Bournemouth. There’s an an obvious railway theme there too. Which is unsurprising, given my line of work. Ultimately, this collection of … Continue reading June