In the March post, I suggested we might get a bit of sun in April. We might see a flood of tourists. It didn’t happen. April has been cold. Wintry at times. There were a number of mornings that I had to scrape ice off my windscreen. This is rather rotten behaviours from the weather gods. I blame Trump. And Brexit.

This month features a range of subjects mostly in the Bournemouth area. But there is a sneak appearance by the nephew, Master J. And a friend, who wanted some photos for his music label something or other. There is one photo from Portsmouth. If you look careful, you can see the two structures that tower above the runway on the new aircraft carrier, HMS Prince Charles.

Finally, there’s a shot from the National Covid Memorial wall. It’s quite something. A half mile of hearts, painted on a wall, each one representing a Covid death.


4 thoughts on “April

  1. Dear I-Blame-Trump-and-Brexit,
    If you are experiencing ice buildup overnight on your windscreen, I suggest sleeping indoors.

    I do believe I have a budding career as an agony aunt.


    1. I also blame Putin, but I keep that a bit quiet. From time to time I buy Mrs P a bottle of perfume and, as one knows, bad mouthing Russia’s democratically elected president for life can lead to unfortunate ‘accidents’.


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