Another month, another batch of images. Another thirty one snap shots, which will one day form fond memories. There’s a screenshot in there, to mix things up a little. It’s a tweet, from a royal twit. Laurence Fox comes from a famous acting family, but he’s rather sullied the family name. He attracted attention when he appeared on the Beeb’s Question Time a couple of years ago. He had a bit of a meltdown, to say the least.

He’s antivax, anti lockdown, anti-woke, anti kneeling, anti decency, anti common sense, pro bigotry. He killed his acting career so has now ventured into politics, running in the recent election for London Mayor. He scored less than 2% of the vote, finishing just ahead of an anti Semitic podcaster and Count Binface. And yet, he remains in the limelight, thanks to both nefarious funding and a growing ‘white victim’ audience.

He recently posted a photo of a black Premier League footballer who had just been arrested for rape, with the comment ‘Get kneeling f*ckers’. He was censured by Twitter and berated by the online community at large for what was clearly a racist gesture. My screenshot of a tweet was part of his response to being ‘censored’, insisting that it was only disguised as racism and actually, it meant somethingelse entirely. Or so he attempted in vain to excuse his bigotry. He is the flag bearer of the right wing, free speech, anti-woke brigade. The mind boggles.

The extreme fringes of society are supposed to be sparsely populated. The election results in London suggests that that holds true, although the digital world would have us believe otherwise.

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