The photos are in order, from top to bottom, left to right. Starting with the featured photo of some iced berries on January 1st. One photo for each day of the month. Most of them are self explanatory. The bowl of berries, maybe not. Mrs P and I went picking sloe berries back in October and I turned a bottle of ordinary gin into my own brand of sloe gin.

At the beginning of January, I filtered the gin back into its bottle. Thanks to the addition of the juice from the sloes and sugar, I had enough to half fill another bottle. I didn’t waste the gin soaked berries that remained though. I removed the seeds and boiled them up with some Bramley apples and sugar and made a big pot of jam.

We haven’t tasted either, yet. The sloe gin is best left to rest for a few weeks. Perhaps Mrs P will sample it some time this month. I’m not much of a fan of alcohol. I’ll stick to the jam. Removing the seeds from sloes is essential when jam making, but incredibly laborious. It needs to taste real good for me to ever bother going to that effort again.


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