It’s been a varied month. At one point we had temperatures up into the 20s. We’ve had some apocalyptic downpours since then. I’ve been walking up and down the pier most days. We’ve had a couple of trips to London. And I’ve been feeding the squirrels in Bournemouth Gardens lots of monkey nuts. One of them has become so friendly that I’ve given him a name – Gerald. I’m not an expert on squirrels. He could well be Geraldine.


4 thoughts on “October

  1. Not to be an alarmist, but you do know that Boris has engineered all of this weather to panic the COP26 participants into stripping the serfs of their kingdoms of their last vestiges of liberty. At least, that is what Facebook tells me. CNN is saying the same, but it is cleverly encoded. I am awaiting the arrival of my decoder ring in the Mexican post. Of course, by then I will be able to toast marshmallows in my patio in January while I am boiling mutton in my pool.

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    1. That’s only the half of it. I’m not one for sharing wildly speculative and totally unsubstantiated information from YouTube, but it’s pretty much settled that Boris has legislation in hand to legalize the consumption of foreigners next year when the Great Famine strikes. Going for an Indian or snacking on French Toast in 2022 is going to mean something quite different…


  2. We had a little ‘grackle’ last night, our first frost was a good one. As to climate change, the leaves changed a few weeks late but are now with the program. Our rainfall for the year is within a half inch of average. Our rainfall average has been going up, it is revised every ten years. We’ve gained a few inches of average in the last few decades. I live at 1100 feet elevation, I doubt the ocean level will get to the hill, anytime soon.


    1. The temperature dropped further still over the last two nights. Dramatically so. I went out at 5.30am yesterday morning to find ice on the windscreen. This morning, I was saved the bother of scraping the stuff off – I put a windscreen cover on last night.

      Still, on the plus side….the frosts mean that the slows will be ready to pick this weekend.


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