Best of 2021

My interest in blogging waxes and wanes. But every year, there’s one post that I enjoy creating and publishing. It’s on the other blog I keep, my photography blog - It’s a nice and easy blog to maintain. It’s just the one post a year, after all. Published on January 1st, containing a collection … Continue reading Best of 2021



December was not just a multi country month, as was September, but a multi continental month, Europe and North America. It'd been a long time since I'd managed to step foot on shores so far from home. But this does, of course, bring to an end my 365 project. A photo a day, every day, … Continue reading December


One begins to tire as one approaches the finish line. I’m feeling tired in general as we approach the end of the year. Crossing the Atlantic and moving into a different time zone screwed around with my body clock far more this time than it normally does. And it is normally a bit of a … Continue reading November


Let’s have a quick look through the daily photos for June, shall we? There’s a bit of London, a few days of the Cotswolds, a sprinkle of the Purbecks and a whole load of Bournemouth. There’s an an obvious railway theme there too. Which is unsurprising, given my line of work. Ultimately, this collection of … Continue reading June


Another month gone, another batch of photos uploaded. May turned out to be a month of transition and change. The lockdown largely ended and shops and restaurants opened up. I got new trainers. The weather belatedly turned from cold and miserable to warm and sunny. And Debenhams around the country closed their doors for the … Continue reading May