September is over and it has taken summer with it. The temperatures remained in the low 20s – T-shirt weather – up until yesterday, when they suddenly plummeted by up to ten degrees. I’ve had to wear a jacket for the last two days when venturing outside. We put the heating on for an hour or so yesterday evening. An autumnal gloom has descended on us. The wind is blowing leaves from trees. And as I write this from my ticket office, a torrential, deafening downpour is beating against the wooden canopy covering the nearest platform to me.

It’s been a good month. We escaped abroad, to Malta, for a short break. Life has largely returned to normal following the lifting of restrictions. I have a new iPhone. The initial gloom that accompanies the death of summer will clear. Autumn is the most colorful month and leads directly into the festive season. All will be well. Probably. Three more months and my 365 photography album will be complete.


4 thoughts on “September

  1. Yikes! For a moment, I thought that an Ice Age had descended upon Britain. Then, I realized you were speaking in tongues in Celsius. Have you gone soft, man? Turning on the heat at 10. Why, when I was your age back during the days when we were teaching Keizer Bill some manners, we would not even put on a jacket until our elbows froze in position.


    1. When you were my age, Steve, you kept warm as toast thanks to layers of fur freshly taken from the woolly mammoths your folks had just slain. By time I was a wee nipper, you’d killed off all the good beasts long ago and we had to make do with shawls made from the skins of water voles.



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