The second month of my latest 365 project is done. This also brings winter to a close, by my preferred system of seasons. I like each season to fit into neat blocks of three full months. Spring begins tomorrow as far as I’m concerned.

You’ll possibly notice three recurring themes in the photos below. This will likely continue throughout the year. Bournemouth town. Railways. The beach. But there’s a few token shots dedicated to diversity in there. The interior car shot might look bland at first glance. But it records a major milestone, if you look carefully. I had been on target to hit 10,000 miles in about August 2020. Then the pandemic struck and my monthly mileage plummeted.

There’s a dull shot of the sofa at home. This is the sort of photo that pads out many a 365 project. Its 11 pm and you suddenly remember that you haven’t taken a photo for the day yet. But, as with all the other photos, it has value as a visual record of my life in 2021.


3 thoughts on “February

  1. Empty, empty, empty… Mexico is empty – then a bit filled up – back to lockdown – sometimes in the same week! But we have begun vaccination and we pray our shipment comes in soon.

    Have you ever checked out the Yucatan magazine site? https://yucatanmagazine.com/
    There are some timely articles and BTW my son is the editor.

    A many-time award winning Yucatan site is Yucatan Today

    My daughter is editor of this one… Yes, 2 chips off the old block


  2. An excellent photo blog, You not only put your great talent in photography but also your strong storytelling to great use. Congratulations!
    Hopefully there will exist greater opportunities soon to do more of this work.


  3. Here I am FINALLY organizing and editing the photos from the last trip I took to Mexico just over a year ago, I’ll then take the best photos and make a slide show with music that I will put on a DVD.
    I hope that before the year is out you will be able to photograph some places beyond the shores of the UK!


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