Getting There

During lockdown one, which began almost a year ago, I started counting the days. Day 1 of lockdown quickly turned into Day 10. Then Day 30. And so on. It seemed to be a never ending count. At times, I wondered if I should be scratching lines into a wall somewhere, to make sure I kept up with what was going on. And on. And on.

But I’ve always felt that the word lockdown was a bit of a stretch. We’ve never really had a proper lockdown in the UK. We’ve had a series of restrictions, with varying levels of severity. And these restrictions have always seen varying levels of adherence with regard to mixing of households. Adherence has sometimes been good. And sometimes not, particularly these last few weeks.

It’s not hard to find a lockdown critic wailing in one Twitter conversation at the inhumanity of their being separated from friends and relatives. And five minutes later, in another conversation, freely admitting to have never obeyed the law anyway. Our walk along the beachfront yesterday confirmed countless accounts from around the country – households are openly mingling.

But I find I am no longer counting the days gone by. I’m counting down the days till the layers of restrictions are peeled back, one by one. I’m counting down the days till I get my jab. We’re almost there. Hopefully. Just a little further, and the promised land will come into view. Everything will get better. Except for face mask manufacturers. They’re screwed.

4 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. This is a common complaint of course, “Covid fatigue’ syndrome. They probably had a similar problem during the Black Death period. Mental images of Monty Python flash past me just thinking of it!

    What I don’t understand is why people will accept fiction over common sense. Our provincial health minister is an epidemiologist, she worked during the early days of AIDS and Ebola in Canada and is highly experienced yet she and her family are getting death threats. So I’d imagine Boris is getting more than his fair share of those.

    The problem here is that we are the mercy of the vax’ creators. Justin Beaver our prime minister has said that they have paid in advance for them but obviously someone got in before him. Delivery dates keep changing and I suspect that Joe Biden twisted the Pharmaceutical’s collective arms and persuaded them to vaccinate at home before serving the world so very few servings are trickling through to us. In the meantime they are trying to recruit experienced jabbers with steady hands to apply the cure here.

    As regards mask makers I'm sure they’ll be ok, most people will continue to use them until they feel secure in the knowledge that they are protected for at least another year or two!

    ps Justin Beaver is who we call Justin Trudeau as he is a bit of an eager beaver emblem of Canada 🙂


  2. Oh I agree… we are all so sick and tired of the “lockdown”, “restrictions” or whatever the current term is. In Mexico the vaccination process is proceeding with typical disorganization, but as well, “los milagros mexicanos” are the people who work so hard to A, put food on their own table and, B. show kindness as much they are able. I will write about this soon. In Britain, a country known for its stiff upper lip, I imagine the same scenario is in place. Goodness and gumption WILL beat this scourge, even if we grumble all the way…


    1. And fortunately here in the UK we’re finally getting one thing right – the vaccine rollout. We’ve been jabbing at a rate of 3 million a week so far, which is impresssive. This month, that rate will double.


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