Neighbours Part XII

We have new neighbours moving in. Number 2 has been unoccupied since the last tenants suddenly upped sticks and disappeared in the middle of summer, having not paid their rent for quite some time. The landlord, we presume, failed to pay the mortgage as a result. We presume this, because the flat was put up for auction in the autumn, which is normally what happens when a property is repossessed by a lender.

What do we know about our new neighbours? Very little, I’m afraid. A 2016 model Alfa Romeo was parked in the No 2 parking space when we got home from our walk today. A young lady left the block and got into it. She’s slim, blonde, tall, late 20s or early 30s. Not unattractive. We said hello and politely smiled. I say the signs so far are all good.

Modern Alfas are classy cars, owned by thoughtful people who like to be a little different without being unnecessarily extravagant or vulgar. Of course, we are assuming this lady is the new tenant. I think it’s a safe assumption, but we will have to wait and see. Perhaps there is a partner, too. Hopefully not a BMW 3 series with flared wheel arches type, though.

I peered through the bedroom blinds to see what was happening in their living room. Alas, for the first time in six months, their blinds were pulled down. My attempt to spy was thwarted. I went instead to the kitchen to peer into the car park. A rental van had pulled in, with an older gentleman driving it. I’m assuming that is her father, helping his little princess move into her new pad. Perhaps there is no partner.

Then my blinds were suddenly pulled shut. My attempts at spying thwarted a second time. On this occasion by Mrs P. Whilst I like our blinds slanting open so that I can peer out and see what’s going on, Mrs P likes them shut to stop anyone from peering in. As with most battles of will at Chez Denness, I only ever win when Mrs P isn’t at home.

My attempts at spying did bring one noteworthy piece of information to my attention, however. You too might have noticed, if you are a particularly observant sort. The seal on the double glazing panel in our bedroom has clearly gone. There is condensation inside the unit. It’ll have to be replaced, I suppose. I wouldn’t want my neighbours blogging about the flat downstairs that is in something of a state of disrepair.

7 thoughts on “Neighbours Part XII

    1. My neighbours have no idea how famous they all are. They have fans all over the world. My stats page tells me that folk from as far as India and Canada have checked in on them today. Perhaps I could set up a network of hidden webcams and livestream from….no, that’d just be going too far, wouldn’t it?


  1. I don’t know that you ever saw the television series I Spy but I’d say you would make a miserable one at this task. But your story is interesting to say the list. I often find myself in the same situation. Too bad my neighbors are all staying put.

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  2. Many years ago, I had a neighbor lady who lived on a rise across the road from my house. She would sit in an upper dormer window with a set of binoculars strung around her neck-we kept good window covers. We had installed an 8 foot long picture window on our top floor for sun bathing, it faced dead south , for naught , in the end.


    1. Her commitment to neighbourhood watch most definitely surpasses mine. I limit myself to mundane, everyday types of spying such as running tax checks on their cars and sifting through their rubbish…


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