An Even More Inconvenient Truth

The date of my comment was December 29th, two days before news came from Wuhan that a cluster of patients with pneumonia were being treated. There’s absolutely no point in being right if you’re not going to let everyone know that you were right. Alas, I cannot on this occasion feel too smug about it. And to be fair, I’ve been repeating the notion for a sufficient number of years that, just like a broken clock, I was certain to be correct eventually. But still, it was a prescient comment.

Can I offer any further prophetic pieces of wisdom? Yes, I can. Ready? Here it is. We’re a bit fucked. We cannot stay in total lockdown for ever. It will lead to economic and then social collapse. We cannot leave total lockdown yet. It will lead to social and then economic collapse. We need to find a middle ground. I have never felt so justified in being a centrist. Alas, we live in times where even the most rational people seem to have found a perch on the extremes of society. 

We’ve never been less prepared, worse led or ill equipped to deal with a pandemic.

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