Vaccine Passports

The ongoing debate about the possible introduction of vaccine passports isn’t something that I’ve managed to get particularly passionate about. I erred on the ‘no’ side of the argument for a long time. But the conspiracy theorist community have disproven the commonly held belief that you can’t change someone’s mind by shouting at them. I’m … Continue reading Vaccine Passports

The Experiment

We are in for an interesting few weeks/months in the UK. Most people who are really vulnerable to Covid 19 have had both shots of vaccine. Most people over 35 have had the opportunity to have at least their first shot. In a month every adult will have had the chance of the first shot … Continue reading The Experiment

Jab Done

I got the text message from the surgery on Saturday morning, inviting me to book an appointment for my first dose of the Covid vaccine. I clicked on the link which brought up a calendar. The first day with available slots was Friday. Today. There were half a dozen time slots to pick from. I … Continue reading Jab Done