TravelSo far, the pandemic has been good to us. We’ve escaped illness and have had a lot of time off. It’s been a dry run at retirement, and it turns out that retirement suits me. It doesn’t suit everyone. Some people just have a need to keep doing stuff that doesn’t really need doing. Of course, … Continue reading

Going ForwardThere seem to be two lines of thinking about how we move forward in a coronavirus infected world.. The first is that we must reopen, and reopen now. Abandon most restrictions, including the 2 metre social distancing which is simply not compatible with real life situations. If we don’t, our already crumbling economy will … Continue reading

Armchair DepartureI suggested a couple of weeks ago that the odds of our trip to Chicago going ahead had dramatically increased. What had previous been a 0.1% shot stood with a dizzying 1.5% chance of happening. Of course, this still left a 98.5% chance of it not happening. The flight was today. It was not … Continue reading

InspirationThe two things that most inspired me to get travelling. The history classes when I was but 6/7 years old at school. We learned about the pharaohs and ancient Egypt. I was genuinely fascinated. The images and photos stuck with me. I dreamed of the day I would see the River Nile and the pyramids. … Continue reading

The public bench is an important institution in the U.K., ranking up there with the pub and a cup of tea. Whatever your problem is, one of those three will be the go to solution for most Brits. Some people become so attached to a favourite bench that when they die, they’ll have a metal … Continue reading