A World of Problems

I’d rather like to travel. Abroad, to be specific. But there’s a problem. A whole bunch of problems, in fact. Should I list them? It’s hard to know where to start. Which is exactly why many people have just given up on the idea of foreign jaunts for this year. I haven’t, but it’s wearing … Continue reading A World of Problems

Streetview Vacations

Mrs P and I are long overdue a trip back home to Mexico City. Sadly, it can’t be just yet. Boris says no. Not just now. Maybe later this summer. No promises, mind you. But I’ve had both jabs, so never say never. But roaming the streets of the world’s greatest Latin American city will … Continue reading Streetview Vacations

Cairo 2001

Twenty years ago, I went to Egypt with a friend. First stop was Cairo for a week, then Sharm el Sheikh for a few nights. It was hot, at times exceeding 45 degrees Celsius. My friend is a red head with freckles and he suffered. I love the heat, especially dry heat. But once it … Continue reading Cairo 2001

Holiday 2021

The photo is a throw back to the good old days, when it was possible to fly off to exotic locations and explore, eat and photograph everything to your hearts content. It Marrakesh, 2013. A lifetime ago. Before the plague. Simple times. You booked a flight and some accommodation, and off you went. My initial … Continue reading Holiday 2021