The Wrong CoronaThe video makes for sombre viewing. It’s unsurprising, but very sad nonetheless. Having a president recommend hugs and kisses when a dangerous virus had escaped into the wild was unlikely to lead anywhere else. The facts of the pandemic might have been widely broadcast in advance, but populist leaders are known for eliciting … Continue reading

Nothing FancyI left Mexico in 2011, hugely disappointed that I was not the most famous Englander in Mexico. That honour fell to Diana Kennedy, fair and square. Among other honours, including - possibly? - the most important person in Mexican cuisine over the last half century. Nothing Fancy can be found on Amazon Prime at … Continue reading

13 Minutes to the MoonBut 13 weeks to publication, it seems. Or longer. There’s no definitive date for the release of the seventh and final episode of the BBC podcast series. The novel coronavirus has interrupted the planned schedule. This isn’t going to be uncommon, as recording a show is difficult when sickness rips through … Continue reading