Then There Were Two

The UK version of the pandemic is rapidly turning into a distant memory, albeit a memory that will stay with us all for a long time. I remember well the anxious, edgy atmosphere in London at the end of February 2020 when we went to see the Tutankhamen exhibition. Everything was normal, but we rather … Continue reading Then There Were Two

Trust Me

I’m not a fan of lockdowns/social restrictions, although I understand the arguments made for them, and the obvious necessity for implementing them at a time of crisis. In February/March 2020, we could see the Chinese health system collapsing from a new virus and shortly after that the Italian army started carting away dead bodies by … Continue reading Trust Me

Finding Happy

The world about me is more cheerful. It’s noticeable. It really is. People are happier, and less bothered by other people. Lockdown has come to an end, and despite all the chatter about ‘end of lockdown anxiety’, most people have emerged from their caves and started going about their business as normal. People have stopped … Continue reading Finding Happy

Three Words

I sit here writing to you today from Ducks Deck Canny about yesterday’s trip to Care Guilty Buns. Or more specifically to check out the Epic Iran exhibition at Pokers Apple Lame, after which Mrs P and I enjoyed an early dinner at Punt Limp Trucks before heading home to Hands Second Boat. You either … Continue reading Three Words