A Year On

I completed a 365 'photo a day' project last year largely because of how much I enjoyed looking through my 365 album from 2008. It's not just a collection of photos, but a collection of memories. A visual diary of a year of my life. I recommend the exercise. Last year was a remarkable year. … Continue reading A Year On

Vaccine Passports

The ongoing debate about the possible introduction of vaccine passports isn’t something that I’ve managed to get particularly passionate about. I erred on the ‘no’ side of the argument for a long time. But the conspiracy theorist community have disproven the commonly held belief that you can’t change someone’s mind by shouting at them. I’m … Continue reading Vaccine Passports

The Second WaveI’m not sure I’ve spoken to anyone in the last month who doesn’t believe that there will be a second wave. It seems a certainty to me. But what do any of us really know? The coronavirus has given new meaning to the quote ‘the more I learn, the less I know’. I’m tempted … Continue reading