Project 365 – B Sides

My favourite photo album on my hard drive is the 365 project I created in 2008/9. It’s full of memories. It was hard work to put together, but that’s because I focussed too much on taking quality photos. I tried to do another 365 in 2012, but quit after two hundred or so days. I … Continue reading Project 365 – B Sides


In the March post, I suggested we might get a bit of sun in April. We might see a flood of tourists. It didn’t happen. April has been cold. Wintry at times. There were a number of mornings that I had to scrape ice off my windscreen. This is rather rotten behaviours from the weather … Continue reading April


This weeks collection has a more urban feel. There's a few beach photos in there, but most of the shots were taken in railways stations, Bournemouth and Westbourne. With one in Southampton. I had an afternoon in the port city to go pick up a new work phone. The photos might give the impression the … Continue reading March


The second month of my latest 365 project is done. This also brings winter to a close, by my preferred system of seasons. I like each season to fit into neat blocks of three full months. Spring begins tomorrow as far as I’m concerned. You’ll possibly notice three recurring themes in the photos below. This … Continue reading February