Then There Were Two

The UK version of the pandemic is rapidly turning into a distant memory, albeit a memory that will stay with us all for a long time. I remember well the anxious, edgy atmosphere in London at the end of February 2020 when we went to see the Tutankhamen exhibition. Everything was normal, but we rather … Continue reading Then There Were Two

Pier to Pier

I’ve posted a lot of photos of Bournemouth Pier. I walk past it several times a week, at least. Sometimes, I post photos of Boscombe Pier. It’s further down the coast, and I pass it just a few times a year. Every year the British Heart Foundation run a Pier to Pier swim event. I … Continue reading Pier to Pier

Spring Break

Spring is the best season in Bournemouth, just ahead of autumn. Winter and summer are both dreadful. The former because it’s so cold, bleak and bloody miserable. The latter because the town swells with tourists, from a population of about eighty thousand up to several billion. Or so it seems. A decent spring, April through … Continue reading Spring Break

Summer Holidays

Working out where one might be able to go on holiday this summer is a tougher task than picking the Grand National winner. The sensible money is on a ‘staycation’ within the borders of the UK. That’s not my preferred option though. I have flights booked, with a huge degree of misplaced optimism, to Bergerac … Continue reading Summer Holidays


There are hidden victims to this pandemic. Some of our furry urban friends for example, have suffered. Some people believe that rats are taking over town centres, so often are they now seen out and about. I think that this line of thought is probably wrong. I strongly suspect that the reason rats have become … Continue reading Nuts