New Orleans

We travel to experience, to taste, to smell, to touch, to hear, to breathe and to live something new, something exotic, something exciting. That we travel means we are but passing through. So we convert all those sensory pleasures into memories that last a lifetime. Or until Alzheimer's comes calling. I made plenty of memories … Continue reading New Orleans


One begins to tire as one approaches the finish line. I’m feeling tired in general as we approach the end of the year. Crossing the Atlantic and moving into a different time zone screwed around with my body clock far more this time than it normally does. And it is normally a bit of a … Continue reading November

USA 2021

The United States re-opened its borders to international tourism about two weeks ago. The conditions for entry are more complicated than they were in the Before Times. But not ridiculously so. Not enough that Mrs P and I were put off. Passport? Check. ESTA approved? Check. Negative Covid test? Check. Vaccination form? Check. Boarding card? … Continue reading USA 2021


It’s been a varied month. At one point we had temperatures up into the 20s. We’ve had some apocalyptic downpours since then. I’ve been walking up and down the pier most days. We’ve had a couple of trips to London. And I’ve been feeding the squirrels in Bournemouth Gardens lots of monkey nuts. One of … Continue reading October