Merry Christmas

This Christmas has been better than the last. I recently enjoyed an afternoon at the theatre, watching Ralph Fiennes recite some poetry. I’m sure you know Ralph, star of two of the best films ever, the Constant Gardner and Schindlers List. A few weeks earlier, I had enjoyed a talk by one of his many famous relations, Ranulph Fiennes. Perhaps you know him, legendary explorer and experience finger amputator.

Things are generally back to normal. And it appears that the government are holding their nerve in the face of the Omicron Onslaught, and may keep things normal. I like normal. After the theatre I went ice skating. Every year I go skating at Somerset House, as pictured above in my festive photo. Every year, except last year. Last year was not normal. I found that, by and large, I did not like ‘not normal‘.

So with the events of the last couple of years in mind, I wish you not just a Merry Christmas, but also an utterly, blissfully normal Christmas. Unless you’re Jewish, in which case Happy Normal Hanukkah. Or Muslim, in which case have a thoroughly normal Saturday. Or a Trump voter, in which case, Happy Holidays suckers. 🙂


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