iPhone 13 Pro

The entire global supply chain is falling to pieces. Which is something of a big deal. But the most important stuff is still getting through, thank goodness. Last Friday, the delivery guy rocked up to my doorstep and dropped off my shiny new iPhone 13 Pro. I started the transfer process and shiny new iPhone sucked all the data and details out of ten month old iPhone 12 in just a few minutes and I was good to go.

The new phone is an awful lot like the old phone. But slightly heavier, with a bigger battery. And a much better camera, with three lenses instead of just the two. That’s the sole reason I’ve upgraded – the camera. The photo above was the first shot I took with it. The macro capabilities are pretty impressive. The zoom, too.

Had I bought the Pro model last year, and not the standard unit, I’d not be upgrading this year. I will likely keep this phone for three years. I think I am now on a three year cycle for Apple products. One year I’ll upgrade the phone. The next, the watch. The third, the iPad. And repeat. That’s the plan, anyway.

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