Vaccine Passports

The ongoing debate about the possible introduction of vaccine passports isn’t something that I’ve managed to get particularly passionate about. I erred on the ‘no’ side of the argument for a long time. But the conspiracy theorist community have disproven the commonly held belief that you can’t change someone’s mind by shouting at them. I’m now edging towards ‘yes’ to vaccine passports. If they keep me separate from the idiots who have been littering towns with their insane conspiracy theory stickers, then perhaps I’m persuadable. I have no desire to have to listen to a crank spouting off about Agenda 21 on a train or in a pub.

That said, I have become quite passionate about one potential application of a vaccine passport. The death rate for Covid 19 is pretty high when compared to the various brands of flu that sweep across the globe every year. But the biggest problem with Covid is, and always has been, the number of people it puts in hospital, and the dangers the virus presents to those providing front line medical aid. In a society where every eligible adult has had the opportunity to be vaccinated against Covid, I think the first line of health care rationing should be decided by vaccination status. If there aren’t quite enough hospital beds to go round, turn away the fools who turned down their shot.

4 thoughts on “Vaccine Passports

  1. My wife Linda is with you on this one. She is on a 24 hour rant about the boneheads taking up all the local medical capacity. . I’m more in favor of branding the boneheads with a big I, for idiot, right smack in the middle of their forehead-just so we know who to avoid.


    1. We have different health care systems. In this case, yours has an advantage. The refuseniks can have their premiums increased to account for their stupidity. Still, refusing idiots care isn’t always necessary. One of the UK’s thickest and most visible conspiracy theorists currently has severe Covid. He can scarcely breathe and has been sick a month. He’s recorded a video asking his followers to get him some Ivermectin and Hydroxycloroquine. There are hundreds of comments to his plea. Only one of them actually suggests he get to a hospital.

      He’s likely going to die,I’d say. Darwin strikes again.


    1. Smokers, alcoholics and the obese have long had certain types of treatment refused in the UK. You can’t chug away on a packet of Rothmans a day and hope to be at the front of the queue for expensive lung treatments.


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