The Mexile Curve

Last week, Mrs P and I managed to escape the country for four blissful nights in Malta. The weather was glorious, so we didn’t need to pack much. Some shorts, t-shirts, sandals, toothbrush, sun cream, passports and my camera. We got our hotel and unpacked. Toiletries in the bathroom, clothes stayed in the suitcases to be used as needed. The passports and camera were popped into the safe. Which is where they all stayed until we packed our bags again a few days later.

I’ve not used my camera much this year, but I think this is the first time I’ve gone on a holiday and just not used it at all. Quite frankly, I can’t be bothered with lugging it around. My iPhone takes pretty decent images, and more and more of the time I’m happy with the photos I get from that. There’s a graph out there waiting to be drawn, balancing the effort I am willing to put in and quality I am willing to accept. I clearly now spend most of my time on the ‘can’t be bothered’ side of the curve. Shall we call it the Mexile Curve?

The sad thing is that I foolishly economised when buying a new iPhone last September. I bought the standard iPhone 12 and not the Pro version with the better camera. I’ve regretted it all year. The good news is that on Friday I will be able to put that mistake right. The most significant upgrade for the iPhone 13 Pro is the camera module. It’s magnificent. I think I can hear my Fuji XT20 quietly sobbing to itself in the darkness of the back of the drawer.


6 thoughts on “The Mexile Curve

  1. I am going through similar considerations. I would like to take my Sony on my Los Angeles-Tokyo-Dubai-Los Angeles trip at the end of the month — assuming it happens. But space will be limited. I cannot take any checked baggage. It looks like I will be forced to rely solely on my Samsung. But it should be good enough for airplane interior shots and boring airport photographs.


    1. I think a smartphone camera will more than suffice for a flight/airport trip! I am finding myself casting wistful looks at the ever so diminutive but ever so good Sony RX100VII. Or even the Series V model. But they are pricey and I have other priorities. And I also have a new iPhone shortly on its way to console me…


  2. On cameras: I’m thinking of going to a phone camera as well. My regular camera is slow and showing its age, it is replace or upgrade time.
    One of my buds drove into Canada this past week, he said the hoops were pretty high. His daughter and his grandkids live there so it had been just less than two years-the hoops were worth it,
    I’m waiting on foreign travel.
    My uncle is at death’s door in a nursing home, they wheel him outside to a tent house for my visits. We joke that it is a special kind of ‘take out’.


    1. We had a big travel update today. From the beginning of October, for those of us who are double jabbed, pre-return tests will be abolished and Day 2 tests will be cheap LFT types, not PCR.

      But we are still waiting to hear from Joe, whether he’s gonna let us in or not.


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