Streetview Vacations

Mrs P and I are long overdue a trip back home to Mexico City. Sadly, it can’t be just yet. Boris says no. Not just now. Maybe later this summer. No promises, mind you. But I’ve had both jabs, so never say never. But roaming the streets of the world’s greatest Latin American city will have to wait.

Or will it? I asked Mr Google, and told me that actually it’s not a problem. Not at all. Mexico City is open 24/7 on Streetview. So I went for a ramble down memory lane, without leaving my sofa. I know, it’s not quite the same. But it’ll have to do for now.

I took a virtual stroll past my old flat and went to see if Mr Grumpy is still selling cigarro sueltos and other bits of two peso tat from a blanket on the street corner. For six years I was his best customer but never once got a smile out of him. He doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Frankly, he always looked unwell and rather fragile. Like a visit from the Grim Reaper was imminent.

I had a mosey up to the local mercado. I used to shop there most days in my Mexican life. Was it always this much of a dump? Probably. So I headed off to Coyoacan. Which looks as cool and hip as it ever did. I used to visit the historic bit of Coyoacan a lot.

I’d go on weekend evenings, along with all the other cool people, of course. But mostly weekday afternoons. I would cycle to Bancomer HQ to give classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. On the way back, I’d stop and have a Frappuccino at the Italian Coffee place. Maybe wander through the market. Perhaps look through the electronic section in Sanborns.

Let me tell you about the view in the photo above. The place next to the blue car on the left is Moheli cafe. I liked eating there. They did a good poblanos enchilada. On the day I came back to the UK, Mrs P and I went for one last late morning/ early afternoon in Coyoacan. My final meal was a plate of poblanos enchilada at Moheli.

I enjoyed my meal, as I always did. But it was a sad meal, because it was the last meal. Followed by a sad flight back to Heathrow. We need to return. Mrs P and I are long overdue a trip back home to Mexico City.

6 thoughts on “Streetview Vacations

  1. I hope that you two get to return to CDMX soon. I will return in August, but we don’t have the restrictions on travel that you have in the UK.
    I love strolling around Coyoacán. I have never eaten at the place you mention although I have walked along that street many times. I will have to try it out sometime.
    And when I am missing Mexico City, I too go to Google Maps streetview.


    1. There are no UK restrictions limiting where I can go. If I can find a country willing to have me, I’m free to go there. It’s the coming back that can be a pain in the neck, although that is likely to change shortly. Rumour has it that double jabbed people like myself will not be required to quarantine on return from any ‘Amber’ countries. That includes Mexico.

      My recent trip to Moheli cafe was actually just five years ago, when we made our trip back to Mexico in 2016.


    1. Sometimes I read stuff online and wonder whether the internet was such a good idea after all. What’s the point of it? And then I open up things like Street View and think ‘This! This! This!’


  2. I know you miss wandering around Mexico City. and my heart aches for Mrs. P. I well-know the sorrowful pangs brought on by not spending time with my lovely sisters, seeing how much my grand nieces and nephews have grown, and moseying around in real time, through my own Memory Lane. As you have correctly concluded, it is not a good idea to visit this country, not just yet. Too many CDMX residents have become blasé about COVID 19. My adopted countymen have never displayed a lot of patience, and after nearly a year and a half of restrictions cramping their style, they are at their wit’s end. Big maskless parties and disregard for social distancing are the order of the day and the number of new infections is on the rise… again. As well, the annual summer migration of millions of Chilangos is in full swing, and so even in “the provinces” the hospitals are filling up… again. No, you and Mrs. P should wait at least until the end of the year. By then, almost everyone in the country will have received their 2 jabs and the virus will hopefully debilitate somewhat. And when you do make your trip, if you want to visit Merida, we could show you some fine places to amble around in our corner of the land. Hang in there…


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