Twenty Four Days

Wearing a face mask in certain situations became law in the U.K. on 24th July 2020. We’ve never been required to wear a mask outdoors. And it’s never been against the law to not wear a mask. Ever. Unless you were making a bit of a dick of yourself. A surprising number of people have insisted on making a bit of a dick of themselves over the last year, though. It boggles the mind, it really does.

In less than a month, unless something terrible happens, all restrictions should be lifted. That is likely to include social distancing and the need to wear face coverings. The big day is July 19th, just shy of a full calendar year since we were asked to put them on. It is true that the Delta, neè Indian, variant is running amok in the U.K. But, it thus far appears, hospitalisations and deaths are this time not keeping up. Huzzah.

Vaccines work. We are getting there.

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