The Experiment

We are in for an interesting few weeks/months in the UK. Most people who are really vulnerable to Covid 19 have had both shots of vaccine. Most people over 35 have had the opportunity to have at least their first shot. In a month every adult will have had the chance of the first shot and by autumn, a second shot.

We have effectively already reopened, as from a couple of weeks ago, well in advance of full vaccination. And the plan is to remove all other restrictions in another two weeks. Deaths and hospitalisation are currently down. Way down. There is solid evidence that the vaccines work, and work well. But infection rates amongst the unvaccinated are soaring once more.

What happens next? I think the plan is to let the virus have its way from here on in. An increase in hospitalisations is to be expected. How big an increase in unknown. We wait and see. But I do have one reasonable expectation, given how incredibly transmissible the virus is. You will either be vaccinated against this virus or you will be infected by it. For the vast majority, it will be one or the other.

A very lucky few might skip both. And an unlucky few might get bit by both. But the future doesn’t look great for the antivax community. To be fair, they’re not going to get anything that they don’t deserve,

6 thoughts on “The Experiment

  1. My numbers here in the Midwest would suggest that the 2020 election may have been turned on the rotting bodies of the mask reluctant who were not standing at the time of the last general poll. With out antidemocratic Electoral Collage, a few thousand votes , in the right states, not cast because of their owners being dead from stupid behavior, may well have sent their champion to the showers.

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    1. Although the polls suggest otherwise at the moment, there’s a reasonable theory to be made detailing how Covid has killed Boris’ majority in a few key constituencies.

      People are reading too much into the polls. Come the next General Election, vaccine euphoria will likely be a distant memory and the consequences of Brexit and the wider economic disruption will be at the forefront of the conversation.

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  2. Thank you for writing today’s post and affording me the opportunity to speak my mind. I am in awe of how some people prefer to risk death than conform. So many citizens in the western countries have been sheltered from real privation since WWII ended and have lost their perspective entirely. They’ve made individualism their battle cry. They see conspiracy in every move the authorities make. Some questions should be asked but not when the truth is obvious. During the pandemic we should all be pulling together. I’ve had my two doses of AstraZenica and I am grateful to the scientists, governments and medical teams who have taken on the huge task of “saving the world”. Those who believe their “rights” should be considered above all else are fools. They should be escorted through a COVID ward, or better yet, get on a plane and walk the streets in countries where health care is not available to the masses. Good fortune is an accident of birth and squandering it is insane. One more thing… what about my rights?

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    1. Some of the commentary and opinion over the last year, from both respected pundits and Joe Public, has been extraordinarily obtuse and flippant. It is reasonable for one person to see and approach risk differently from another person. There’s plenty of fascinating conversation to be had. But the sheer quantity of reality defying nonsense has been breath taking.

      I’m pragmatic. I respect the danger of the virus. I understand we can’t shelter in place forever. We’ll all find our own way out of this unfortunate situation. And that will be aided hugely with a double jabbing of the good stuff.

      Today’s news is not great though. The first study into the Delta variant (neè Indian variant) is that it is not only significantly more transmissible but also more severe. Yesterday’s good news is still true though: the vaccines work.

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      1. I am so tired of COVID 19 and all its varients. But I still have to hang in there because there is no other way. I am also so tired of those who refuse to see the facts, even though they are as obvious and unattractive as the mop of orange fluff on top of the former US presidents head´. I also blame him a LOT for not living up to his promise to protect the people he represented. He led half that sad country down the yellow brick road and now getting them to take the high road is proving difficult. I suppose there were those who endangered everyone during the Blitz but I can imagine they were quickly shown the error of their ways. I for one have stopped being afraid to denounce the antivaxers… my PC days are done. And I regret having to say that because it shows we are losing still more… the ability to be civil. These are such sad times…


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