Three Words

I sit here writing to you today from Ducks Deck Canny about yesterday’s trip to Care Guilty Buns. Or more specifically to check out the Epic Iran exhibition at Pokers Apple Lame, after which Mrs P and I enjoyed an early dinner at Punt Limp Trucks before heading home to Hands Second Boat.

You either have the What Three Words app and have cottoned on to my apparently cryptic first paragraph. Or you don’t, in which case you are befuddled and should go here to check it out. It can be useful. Got visitors from afar who are prone to getting lost? Don’t let them out of the house on their own without this app.

Care Guilty Buns, or London if you insist, is getting busier by the day. Yesterday, it seemed almost back to normal, minus the foreign tourists and bus loads of school kids that normal overload the streets of the capital. It’s a bank holiday weekend and the sun was out, so crowds were to be expected, I suppose. It was nice to see. Perhaps you’re wondering where the photo was taken. I can tell you exactly where I was stood when taking the shot – Metro Ritual Atom.

There’s three other words that sum up where we are as things reopen from lockdown. Three words I haven’t seen in well over a year are now regularly popping up on my work WhatsApp group. Three words that describe an increasing number of train services to and from London: Full and standing.

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