Neighbours XVI

In the last episode, the tenants in Flat 12 were on their way out, thanks to their landlord selling up. She had accepted an offer, and the place needed to be vacated by May. But the sale fell through, and despite dropping the price by £10k, it remains unsold. The landlord of Flat 8 has sold though. Which is a huge shame, as we’d just gotten that tenant, Really Hot Girl, correctly trained in what can go in the recycling bin.

Really Hot Girl moved most of her stuff out yesterday in a removals van. A few bits and pieces she doesn’t want to take with her, have been left on the windowsill by the communal front door. This is the traditional place to leave stuff that might be wanted, or good use made of, by other residents in the block. There are quite a few DVDs there. I didn’t know people used DVDs anymore. I haven’t owned a DVD player for years.

Everyone will assume anything on the windowsill will have been left there by RHG. I’m tempted to amuse myself by adding a few items to the pile. A worn out sex toy. Some adult DVDs to complement the Gavin and Stacey series already there. Out of date condoms. A marijuana pot plant. Fluffy handcuffs. A few leaflets on home made bomb making. That sort of stuff.

7 thoughts on “Neighbours XVI

  1. I would be lost without my DVD player, a player that recently has started stuttering impressions of George VI. Our internet speed here is far too slow to truly appreciate well-done cinematography. (And why else would anyone watch a movie other than for the cinematography? Otherwise, it would just be a book.) I started looking for a replacement player, but discovered that I may as well be searching for a rotary-dial telephone. By the way, it is possible to still buy a rotary telephone. Go figure.


    1. By the way, it is possible to still buy a rotary telephone. Go figure.

      Retro sells. Antique shops and bric-à-brac places are full of them, and they aren’t cheap. More surprising to me is that you can buy a box of 3.5” floppy diskettes from Amazon for £20.


    1. I would never actually play such a joke. Not only because it would be utterly wrong to do so. But also because I simply don’t have access to used sex toys and the like… 😂


        1. I know, but really, I didn’t want to risk leaving the impression that I have a secret drawer full of second hand erotic objects… 😂


        2. Ha, ha… that would never do… I enjoy your sense of humour… it is so much more fun than all the COVID 19 worries that usually fill my mind. I eargerly await the next installment about the goings-on in your complex…

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