Project 365 – B Sides

My favourite photo album on my hard drive is the 365 project I created in 2008/9. It’s full of memories. It was hard work to put together, but that’s because I focussed too much on taking quality photos. I tried to do another 365 in 2012, but quit after two hundred or so days. I again fell into the trap of trying too hard.

A 365 project should really be a record of one’s life over a year. It’s about memories. Creativity is secondary. I’m really enjoying the 365 I’m doing this year, because I have got my priorities right. That I’m also pretty happy with the creative aspect of a lot of the photos is not the important thing.

The big difference this year is that I’m using my iPhone exclusively. It’s always on my person, It’s so easy to grab a shot each day. And the camera on it is really very good. In fact, I have yet to take my Fuji out of its drawer this year. I think that Fuji now exists only for holidays.

This leads me to finish on two points. Firstly, because it’s so easy to grab a shot a day, I usually end up with more than one. I could easily do a 365 of B sides. But I won’t. Except for today. The photo above is a B side.

The second point is that I’m now a little sad that I bought the vanilla iPhone 12 and not the iPhone 12 Pro, with the better camera. That was a poor decision on my part. All being well, I will correct that error in September with the purchase of an iPhone 13 Pro.

2 thoughts on “Project 365 – B Sides

  1. The B side photo brought back some happy memories for me. The station looks like the Bicester station that was once my life line to London — even though the station in your photo is only vaguely similar. But that is how memories are supposed to work, correct?


    1. Bicester Village is a three hour trip with two changes from this station. It’s a surprisingly popular destination these days. A big retail outlet park type thing opened up there, twenty years or so ago.


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