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Mrs P and I go for a walk pretty much daily. Some walks are a bit further than others. Some routes we do more than others. Most of them involve walking from home, down through Bournemouth Gardens and on to the pier. There is one route we regularly do which is a little further from home. During Lockdown 1, a year ago, when we had oodles of time to kill, we used to walk there. But it took several hours to walk that loop, so these days we drive to the starting point at Canford Cliffs.

It’s a nice area, affluent, with a smart but small high street. There’s a Mazda dealership on the corner. We bought our little Mazda 2 from the place about a year and a half ago. Baffi Pizza at the other end of the street does the best pizza in the area. In between there is a lovely bakery and a selection of estate agents, selling expensive local flats and houses.

And a bit further down the road is Lochfyne, an excellent seafood restaurant. Their social media feed is currently raging against Brexit. They are unhappy. Our divorce from the EU has seen British fish exports to the continent slashed. Scottish salmon and shellfish suppliers have seen exports drop by up to 98%. Catastrophic. But my sympathy for their plight is rather limited. Their social media feed in 2015 and 2016 argued for Brexit, on the basis it would be great for British fishing.

We walk from the car down to the beach and then loop back through Lilliput, where we often buy coffee and cake from either Mark Bennetts Bakery or Rockets and Rascals cycle shop/cafe, depending upon who has the shorter queue. The road back to the car from there takes us through the gloriously scenic Parkstone golf club.

Just before we get to the golf course are a pair of semi detached properties. A year ago, it was in a bit of a state. But workmen have been busy restoring them, particularly the left hand one. It’s now pretty much finished and is listed on Rightmove. Having spent a year looking at the outside being put right, I can now have a nosy look at the inside. It’s very smart and modern, don’t you think? I like it. And yet. I think it’s lost a lot of the character it once had. Which is a shame.

Mrs P and I have had our own flat valued recently. We would quite like a flat with a large balcony or, better still, a terraced house. We were quite happy with the figure we were given for ours. It’d be easy to sell our flat at the moment, and we’d likely get our asking price. Londoners are desperately seeking to exit the big city. It’s definitely a sellers market at the moment.

Our problem is finding a reasonably priced house with garden or sun terrace. Those are two features that are in high demand, unsurprisingly. We both love the semi detached house we’ve watched being renovated. But at £825,000 it’s well out of our financial reach. Although we didn’t need to see it on Rightmove to know that. The Ferrari parked out front was the real giveaway.

3 thoughts on “Property Projects

  1. I don’t think you’d want to live there. The neighbour is a pretentious bore. Buying a Ferrari is fine, but if you’re so dull that you buy a grey Ferrari, you’re without imagination. Doesn’t need to be red, but grey is so blah. My Toyota is grey, but the colour selection was black, white or grey.

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    1. Oooh, a contentious debate about the correct colour of a Ferrari. I like it!

      I very much belong to the school that believes Ferrari sports cars should be yellow. Red is the colour of Italian racing cars, so Rossi Corsa is acceptable. But yellow is the proper colour.

      But this isn’t a sports car in the drive way, it’s a GT. And I’m inclined to think a GT can pull off grey. But….no, if it were my cash going on a Ferrari, it wouldn’t be a grey one.

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  2. A few years back we were contemplating a move away from the city we called home for nearly thirty years, property values had been going through the roof year after year, hand in hand with property taxes! So we started looking further afield and during a six month period in 2017 we wore out a fair bit of shoe leather and tire threads looking for a suitable spot to hang our collective hats and ended up just tossing a dart and hoping for the best. I spent a lot of time on the web and when we went looking to be honest there was very little out there.

    Our last home had five bedrooms, three baths, two kitchens and a quarter acre of grass to cut weekly. Now you could ask why we chose such a place in the first place, it was quite simple really it had been a student rental and was a little jaded, built in the late sixties it hadn’t been updated other than some minor items so was an ideal canvas for my paintbrush. It was in a great location though and was filled with light and literally just down the street from the local university.
    I can turn my hand to all sorts of things. To compound the matter I tend to get the seven year itch in fourteen year cycles and when we moved in I built a large shed for my woodworking endeavours so this time around we needed a place with enough space to swing a cat and yet downsize.

    As usual things didn’t go as planned, the real estate agent may have had his own agenda but many of the places we were considering didn’t appear to be available for viewing and those he did show were not quite what we were looking for and we were about to just go home to reconsider alternatives when he suggested that we might look at a new development being built within our budget. So that’s how we bought a new house bigger than the last one but without the grassy knoll!

    Perhaps that is in your future too Gary!

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