The Chocolate Box

When I came back from Mexico in 2011, I filled in a hundred or more application forms for all sorts of different jobs. I had several telephone interviews. I had a couple of assessments. And I had one success,at a firm based inside this big brown building. It was an old block called Heron House and full of asbestos. I got the job at the end of the interview – an Inbound Sales Advisor for a home insurance company called Insure4Retirement. Aka I4R. I started that job ten years ago today. Doesn’t time fly?

There were over a dozen of us on the two week training course. Four of us were destined for the Inbound department. Matt, a little bit full of himself but nonetheless a good chap. Kate, so full of beans she’d stroll in each day bouncing off the walls. And Carly, a very pretty young lady who turned every male head in the office but seemed unsure why.

What’s happened in a decade? I lasted four and a half years at I4R, the first couple of years in this building. Then we moved just round the corner to a newer, less asbestosy building. I4R had three floors of this building, floors three, four and eight. I worked on eight. It’s since been transformed into flats, had a ninth floor added and renamed the Chocolate Box. At the same time as the office relocation, I4R was bought out by a giant US insurance firm. Last year, they closed I4R down, made everyone redundant and transferred the customer book to their other base in Wakefield.

Me? Well I now work on the railways. I’ve no idea what happened to Matt. He quit before I did, strolling out the office one day shouting how it had all gotten too corporate. Kate went from one insurance firm to the next and ended up in southern Spain. It seems she’s doing ok. And no doubt, still bouncing off walls. And Carly became a very pretty young mother last September. Well done her.

Roll on 2031.

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