Till The Fat Lady Sings

I write to bring the good news that Mrs P has had her first dose of the Covid vaccine. She got the text message inviting her to book an appointment on Wednesday evening. There was an available slot the next afternoon and she took it. We went to the same surgery as I and she had the same type, the Astra Zeneca shot. We should be both double shorted with the good stuff by the end of June. Maybe earlier.

Plenty of 40 to 49 year olds have now had the jab. Mostly with nothing more to show from the experience than a sore arm. A colleague had his first jab at the start of last week and had slight flu like symptoms for a couple of days. Then he felt worse still. On the fifth day he became aware that another ticket office that he’d worked in had had an outbreak. Five men down. So he went for a test and became the sixth man down. Bad luck, huh.

That was bad luck not just for him, but everyone else that had shared an office with him for that week. Once he entered his test result into the NHS Test and Trace app, phones around the office started pinging, sending clerks home to isolate for ten days. My phone did not ping. I turn the contact tracing off when in a ticket office, as instructed. So I have not received instruction to self isolate. Yes, I know, it’s a far from fool proof system. But this does mean that I am working today, earning the enhanced rate for a Good Friday.

I was asked to take a Lateral Flow test at home though. Which I did on Wednesday evening. I’ve previously had a PCR test done by a professional, which was painless and went very smoothly. Self administered tests, judging by my experience, are less smooth, and much more gagging and spluttery. But I did get a result. Negative. Yay.

Through a combination of previous infection and vaccination, we have a lot of immunity in the UK. We’re nearly there. Ever so nearly. Now if everyone can just be a little bit sensible for another two months, that would be great. Do we have to follow every rule to the letter? I’m not a zero risk advocate. But the fat lady is clearing her throat. She’s having a gargle. She’s exercising her vocal chords. So do try not to be a complete arse for just a little longer and give het the opportunity to do her thing.

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