Summer Holidays

Working out where one might be able to go on holiday this summer is a tougher task than picking the Grand National winner. The sensible money is on a ‘staycation’ within the borders of the UK. That’s not my preferred option though. I have flights booked, with a huge degree of misplaced optimism, to Bergerac in mid June. That seems highly unlikely, given that France is currently entering their Third Wave.

Perhaps I will be able to change the flights to Malta. They are getting through the vaccine roll out as rapidly as we are. But it’s touch and go as to whether I’ll have had my second dose by then. Mrs P almost certainly won’t have, so we’ll need negative virus tests. For Malta to happen in June, the UK govt needs to give the go ahead for travel to Malta and Malta needs to agree to let us in and the cost of testing needs to be £25 pp each way, or in that ball park. If it is, we’ll bite.

Otherwise, we will be staycationing. Probably not in Bournemouth though.

8 thoughts on “Summer Holidays

  1. Hope that you get to go somewhere… even if it’s within the UK. I have not been more than 30 miles from my house for over a year now.
    Here, a COVID test (if you have no symptoms) costs $139, over 100 pounds. I am scheduled to get one tomorrow just to be extra safe before my departure.


    1. The full on PCR tests are expensive – about £150 and upwards here. The Lateral Flow tests have gotten quite reliable and are a lot cheaper. They’re about £30 I believe. They need to roll those out for air travel. I think there’s a good chance they will.


  2. I think you are a little premature in planning your getaway. You are presuming that everyone else will be receptive and will have been inoculated. My biggest concern would be for the delectable Mrs P that she might catch the bug. In my mind it’s just not worth it!
    I get it, you don’t want to hang around in Blighty in mid summer but Europe is still as infectious as ever and are trailing in the numbers game. I’d suggest holding your breath to cool your porridge and wait another year until everything settles down.


  3. June is a bit premature. It looked optimistic even when I bought the tickets, but it was a risk free booking. September on the other hand, is looking very doable. We will both have had both doses. To be honest, I’d be happy to reveal on one dose plus a month to allow for efficacy.

    A lot of places in Europe will have rolled out at least one shot by then. Places like Greece are hurriedly vaccinating everyone on the smaller islands and tourist resorts. They really can’t lose out on tourism revenue two years running.

    As things stands, we should be able to travel safely to Europe of the US this year. As things stand….

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  4. I was reading the other day that fifteen hundred or so Brazilians flew into Ireland last week! They’ve had an influx of migrants recently. Imagine the insanity of it all, what are they thinking meanwhile the virus is still running rampant there and the vaccines are very slowly being administered.

    Personally I think tourism is toast in the US for the immediate future, there is a kind of lunacy rampant there at the moment, it’s as if all the usual norms including common sense have been kicked to the curb and the “Wild West” strategy has usurped them.

    Where I live is mainly dependent on tourism and tourist $’s and that’s all locked down. The millionaire playground has all but closed that’s western Canada for you! On the other hand house sales have been on the rise and prices too!

    A pal o’ mine has a place in the Canaries, where they “winter” but they’ve shut down again as the kids have been coming home again for spring break with the virus so they can’t fly out as Ryan air has canceled flights! Meanwhile the temperatures rise and tempers flare!

    Maybe September, although October is pleasant in a warm climate..


    1. Brazil is an absolute mess and is essentially giving the civilised world a little taster of what the virus would do if we listened more to the anti-mask/anti-science brigade and less to scientists.

      Tourism is really going to be very dependent on how well the vaccines work. So far, they seem to exceed expectations. But there’s always a potential spanner out there, looking for some works to throw itself in….


  5. The French Third Wave? Wasn’t François Truffaut one of the ground-breakers in the movement? Or am I mixing it up with Louis-Jules Trochu’s Third French Republic? Most likely. Cut off a king’s head, and see what you end up with.


    1. I not so long ago read a book about exactly what did happen when we Brits last cut off a king’s head. The culprits were hunted across the globe and killed, is what happened. It turns out that regicide in 17th century England was rather frowned upon.


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