This weeks collection has a more urban feel. There's a few beach photos in there, but most of the shots were taken in railways stations, Bournemouth and Westbourne. With one in Southampton. I had an afternoon in the port city to go pick up a new work phone. The photos might give the impression the … Continue reading March

Summer Holidays

Working out where one might be able to go on holiday this summer is a tougher task than picking the Grand National winner. The sensible money is on a ‘staycation’ within the borders of the UK. That’s not my preferred option though. I have flights booked, with a huge degree of misplaced optimism, to Bergerac … Continue reading Summer Holidays

Jab Done

I got the text message from the surgery on Saturday morning, inviting me to book an appointment for my first dose of the Covid vaccine. I clicked on the link which brought up a calendar. The first day with available slots was Friday. Today. There were half a dozen time slots to pick from. I … Continue reading Jab Done