Captain Tom’s Big Issue

We have a Big Issue office in Bournemouth. Big Issue, if you’re not from these parts, is a magazine sold by the homeless to give them a means of earning money. It’s a scruffy looking place, but perhaps that’s how it should be. The window is always covered with the latest issue.

These are not great times for Big Issue sellers. The high streets where they ply their trade are largely deserted. And few people have cash on them these days. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen a Big Issue seller since the pandemic started.

As for Captain Tom. He has since died from Covid 19.

4 thoughts on “Captain Tom’s Big Issue

    1. I forgot to provide a link, didn’t I! Essentially, an unknown old chap decided to raise £1,000 for an NHS charity last April as Covid raged, by walking up and down his garden. And then, in what I regard as the most bizarre thing of 2020, his little effort went viral. Next thing you know, he’s raised over £30 million, the RAF are doing flypasts for his 100th birthday, he’s at No 1 in the music charts with the most awful rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone and to top it all off, the queen knighted him…Captain Sir Tom.

      And then he died from Covid.


  1. That goes into the category of truth is stranger than fiction. I was going to say that they will probably make a movie about him, but then I saw that a film is already in the works.

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