Apple Fitness+

I love my Apple Watch. It has a whole load of killer features I use all the time. Geotagging for photography. It makes my iPhone beep if I can’t find it. Shazam is now one quick button push on my wrist. It unlocks my iMac. I use it to pay for stuff in shops with Apple Pay. It works great with my AirPod Pros to listen to music and podcasts in the gym. When there is such a thing as a gym. I get my chosen notifications.

But it’s the fitness aspect of the watch I love the most. I’ve been focusing on my general fitness for just over a year. I quit smoking in November 2019 and started to put my watch to good use, trying to close the rings on a daily basis. It’s great motivation. I’m making sure I get up and move about once an hour. I walk that little bit further. I stride that little bit faster. I go on more walks along the beach.

My watch records it all. Indeed, it records all sorts of health data, some of which I’ve only recently come across. My VO2 max levels, for example, makes for interesting reading. That documented the effect of my mystery virus on my cardiorespiratory fitness. A dramatic drop followed by a very long and slow recovery. They’re rolling out a feature to access your medical records too.

Apple have raised the fitness game though, with Apple Fitness+. It’s a whole catalogue of different workouts. I’ve been doing quite a few in front of my television. Core, Strength, HIIT, Yoga and Mindful Cooldowns. You can pick duration, who the trainer is, what sort of music you like. You can use an iPhone or iPad but it works best on an Apple TV box. You must have an Apple Watch. There’s a more comprehensive review here.

You might be thinking that all this gear costs a pretty penny. You’re right. But this is just the start of it. You’ll soon want to get some dumbbells, to increase the number of workouts you can do. A couple of sets, at £9.99 each. Except because this is lockdown and everyone has the same idea, most shops have sold out and you’re at the mercy of price gougers – expect to pay £59.99 on Amazon.

Then you might want to further invest in treadmills, rowing machines and other equipment. Apple can recommend a supplier for all of it. You’ll probably also need a bigger house to store all this stuff in. Make sure you pick a place with high ceilings so you don’t put a dumbbell through them. All of this will of course bankrupt you, but you’ll be the fittest, buffest looking homeless person living in a tent under the flyover.

Truth be told, I’m probably going to stick to the exercises that don’t require me to take out a second mortgage. I will at some point invest in a set of heavy dumbbells to complement my light ones and I’ll be happy with that.

3 thoughts on “Apple Fitness+

  1. Why not make your own weights Gary? You could use plastic milk jugs or even make weights you can tie around your wrists or ankles and fill both with sand in plastic bags inside long socks. Or you could collect stones from the beach and carry those in the jugs!
    Fortunately I have weights left behind when my sons left for greener pastures and I have an exercise bicycle too and one of those total gyms with half the accessories missing..
    This year though I have decided to gain a couple of notches on my belt, in recent years I’ve had to add one or two holes on the wrong end but I feel this is year to shed some weight while building one in my garden.
    Walking was my way of trimming off those extra glasses of beer or vino but Duff isn’t up for any great distance, the spirit is willing mind you but the legs can’t take it anymore sadly.


    1. I did manage to buy a reasonably priced set of 2.5kg hand weights which do the job for some workouts. But I’d like to snag a pair of 7.5kg weights. It’d be tricky to use home made stuff at that weight with the exercises involved, unfortunately.


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