Holiday 2021

The photo is a throw back to the good old days, when it was possible to fly off to exotic locations and explore, eat and photograph everything to your hearts content. It Marrakesh, 2013. A lifetime ago. Before the plague. Simple times. You booked a flight and some accommodation, and off you went.

My initial optimism for travel in 2021 is diminishing. Maybe, just maybe, we can get a short Mediterranean break in sometime in June. Maybe. But it’s September that I’m looking at with greater interest. But even that will likely be a last minute decision according to the state of the world.

Some countries largely have the virus under control, but likely won’t have a vaccination program under way. So the likes of Cambodia and Thailand may not be as welcoming as we’d like them to be. The Foreign Office, and therefore travel insurance companies, may well declare much of Africa off limits for some time to come.

But what’s that I see out there in the east? Might Japan be a candidate? Mrs P has always wanted to go. As have I, although I’ve been put off by the expense. But perhaps this is the year to grab a bargain. Especially if the Olympics are indeed, as rumoured, cancelled. So we have a new, incredibly tenuous and likely-to-change-at-a-drop of a hat type of plan.

I’ve pre-ordered to 2021 edition of the Eyewitness Japan guide book. And I’m looking how far round the country we’ll get with a seven day rail pass to ride this bullet trains. Stay tuned, as they say.

7 thoughts on “Holiday 2021

  1. I have ave to be honest, I am like you, my optimism to travel these first months of 2021 is diminishing every day… Anyway, let’s keep the hope! Happy new year and cheers from Portugal, PedroL


    1. My optimism dropped further in the hours after I wrote this. I now think we may be lucky to get a European break in September or October.

      It’s always good to hear Portugal though. Our single trip abroad last year was to see friends in Porto, in September.


      1. So cool you had the chance to be in Porto 🙂 I am from Lisbon but I lived there a few months last year eheh have a great week and let’s hope it all gets better! PedroL


  2. I’m going to go to the beach next summer, nothing overseas or by airplane. I’m still planning on a trip into the Petén in Guatemala in February 2022 . If things are open enough, I might drive down from Ohio, do a motor trip through Mexico into northern Guatemala. We’ll see.


    1. That sounds like the sort of road trip I’d like when my retirement comes a calling. This year, my road trip will probably be that 5 hour trek to Wales that I’ve mentioned.


    2. I am still counting on that cruise to Japan in September. If the cruise is canceled, I may fly to Tokyo to keep my first class suite on Emirates. It is the last of the milrsge-purchased lot.


      1. Since writing this, our plans have taken a double whammy. The latest ‘best guesses’ as to when long haul properly opens up are less optimistic than they were. The second reason is a little sadder, and will make itself known tomorrow probably.


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