Three Six Five

I have hundreds of photo albums, hosted on Flickr and iCloud. I have a favourite amongst them. It’s the one with the greatest number of technically rubbish shots in it. The subject material is often dross. And I love them all. Every so often, I have a look through the album, which contains photos taken between October 19th 2008 and October 18th 2009. It’s a real walk down memory lane, a traipse through a past life in a far away land. I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that it’s a 365 project. I love that album.

It took quite a bit of dedication to complete that 365 project. It sounds easier than it was. I tried again in 2011, but stumbled after 246 days. But I’m convinced that it’s an absolute cinch now. I don’t feel compelled to take my camera out – my iPhone will do just fine. I don’t feel terribly compelled to share the album publicly, although I may get around to doing so. I’m pretty sure I could go back and create a 365 album from the last year. The pandemic has encouraged much walking, exploring and photographing of all things local.

The photo above was yesterday’s contribution. It’s one of the better photos so far, from a technical perspective. But it’ll be the ones of the laundrette, my street, our Christmas tree that will be the most valuable to me in the years to come.

2 thoughts on “Three Six Five

  1. I recently “shared” my 200gigs of Apple cloud with my wife. What a mistake.. she clicks and saves everything and it’s all mixed up. So now I’m in the process of removing all her photos from my iPad (as it uploads to the cloud and then percolates back) and saving them to an SD card/dongle. I had nearly eight gigs free now it’s down to two and a half!


    1. You shouldn’t just have given her your iCloud login details! Sign her up for her own account, and then enable family sharing. You both get separate accounts. You can have up to six of you sharing the disk space.


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