Ring Alarm Review

Back in the day, I had a little catchphrase that used to drive my dad up the wall. I’d take on a task, have a good go at it, get bored, then finish it off in a slap dash manner and declare, “That’ll do”. My dad had a phrase of his own. If you want a job done properly, do it yourself. We are both people of our times. He was of an age where products where made to last. Me? Well, let me introduce you to the Ring alarm system…

About four years ago I invested in a Piper NV internet enabled camera/alarm system. It was a jolly good device and served us well for several years. But towards the end of 2020, it started to go berserk. The 105db alarm would go off at 3am for no discernible reason. It needed to be replaced and seeing as the company that made the Piper were no longer in business, I had to look elsewhere.

I searched the ‘net. I read reviews. I compared features and prices. And I ordered a 5 piece Ring alarm system, with a camera, from Amazon, who own Ring. I had noticed that Ring systems in the U.K. are outrageously more expensive that in the US, but I managed to get the whole lot during an exceptionally good sale for just £169. So I was happy.

I won’t bore you with unboxing or set-up videos. YouTube is already littered with them. I’ll just make a few relevant points. The system is a cinch to set up. Its good to go in next to no time and the app on my iPhone is easy to use. It’s an attractive and professional looking set, although the keypad does look a little bit too much like a Fisher Price toy. It works just as I want it to. I’m a happy customer. And yet…

There is just a bit too much ‘that’ll do’ about it. Ring built a quality product and then right at the end applied some very slap dash finishes. The corners that have been cut can scarcely have saved them more than a few pence, which is all the more unforgivable. That keypad for instance. We can look past its design, but it’s difficult to forgive the awful wall bracket that it slots in to. Every time you push a button, the bracket flexes.

Then there’s the base station/siren. It’s a nice looking unit with decent heft, but it doesn’t even come with a wall bracket. You’re supposed to just whack a couple of nails in the wall to hang it on. That’s beyond cheap. Lastly, there’s a constant nag on the app to upgrade the service level. You have three options to choose from. I picked the middle one. But Ring won’t let it go. I’m told the message disappears after a month. I hope so.

The Ring alarm system is a very good product. But it’s such a shame because it should be a great product, but for a few pence worth of stiffer plastic and a less sleazy upselling regime. But ultimately, it’ll do. I’m happy with it. And if you get one when they are on sale (or even better, from the USA) then you’ll likely be happy with it too.

3 thoughts on “Ring Alarm Review

  1. I’ve been looking for something similar but they are all so flimsy. What’s to stop someone from just popping them off the bracket opening it and connect the wires. My next door neighbour has a video one that flexes with the slightest pressure. Not sturdy at all. As you can see your little kit is near double the price here plus 12% tax.

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    1. A thief could steal the entire alarm system but I’m not overly concerned about that. The point is, a video of the person/s should be recorded and uploaded to the cloud, the siren will make an unholy racket which will disturb him or her, and I will be alerted by the app immediately.

      That’s good enough for me. But your Canadian prices…urgh.

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