Dear World

I’m still alive. Love, London x

4 thoughts on “Dear World

  1. Great shot. I like how the sky’s tears weep for the present. Yikes1 I am going to lose my license to kill the language if I keep that up.

    I am trying to orient myself. I, of course, know which corner we are on in London, but what is the building topped by the cranes? Something new or something being repurposed?

    You just made me head over to Alaska Airline’s site to price tickets to Heathrow. Soon, I hope.


    1. There is nothing about the photo that could for a moment be regarded as technically great. It’s not framed in any way that catches the eye. Image quality is ok. Processing is a bit so so. It’s just one of those snaps that I just like. Subjectivity often triumphs over objectivity though, don’t you think?

      We look forward to welcoming you back to Blighty.


    1. It is the Wellington Arch. No, its not the Lanesborough, that is further to the right, out of view. It’s a new construction. A brief search for the previous, now demolished, building turned up just a couple of results. They just referred to it as a 60s office block. Sounds awful.

      Alas, the drawings of the new carbuncle looks just as awful. Wellington will be spinning in his grave. And lighting canon fuses.


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