Neighbours Part X

As this is the tenth post in the Neighbours series, I feel it’s appropriate to switch from spelled numbers to Roman numerals. That’s how it’s normally done. There have been developments in the block. Specifically at Number 2. We haven’t had settled neighbours in that flat since the Portuguese/Polish couple left in October 2018 to go live in Porto. That is them in the photo above. Taken just last month when we met up with them on our own holiday to Porto.

Flat 2 has been empty for a couple of months now, since the last family suddenly upped sticks and disappeared. They hadn’t been paying their rent. We’ve never met the landlord of the flat, but he put the flat up for sale and had a decorator come round to make it ship shape. I assume it was a decorator. Maybe it was the landlord. I’ll never know.

The flat had a few viewings. And then it showed up on Rightmove as sold. We expected new neighbours imminently. But this happened some time ago, and nothing further happened. Till last week. When a new estate agent sign went up out front.

Number 2 is going to be auctioned off. The guide price is at least £50,000 lower than its normal market value. I presume that the landlord had been unable to keep up the mortgage payments and that this caused issues with the presumably aborted sale. And the property is now in the hands of the lender. That’s how this normally works, right?

The landlord hadn’t been terribly careful in choosing tenants, and I imagine didn’t choose the management company very well either. There are policies that cover non paying tenants. He’s taken risks and they haven’t come off. Nonetheless, I feel for him. Or her. Or they. You never know these days, huh?

One thought on “Neighbours Part X

  1. I am not exactly sure where I get these mind blurbs. But this is what popped up, “the times they are a changing, From my Mexican obervation post I see that in the US people are have a very hard time coming up with the rent payment because so many ar unemployed or earning very little.


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