Covid Thoughts for May

  • We’re not beating this virus in the UK. Nor is the US. At best, we’re just preventing our hospitals from meltdown. But how will that graph look when restrictions ease? We should be concerned. Perhaps very concerned.
  • I keep bumping into conspiracy theories that make all sorts of fatuous claims without any evidence. Such as: viruses aren’t real; viruses are dead so cannot cause harm; it’s 5g wot dun it; vaccines are to blame; fewer people are dying this year anyway. They’re complete idiots. I remember the good old days when conspiracy theorists stuck to JFK.
  • Things look bad in the UK. Actually, they are much worse than they look. And I suspect when we come out the other side, they’ll look worse still.
  • Part of the complacency is in people assuming that the danger of this virus is overblown, based on anecdotal evidence and an inability to understand data. Sure, one might not personally know anybody that’s had it. Viruses  don’t spread themselves out evenly across society. You get clumps of cases. Clumps that grow bigger, rapidly. Sure, one might notice that there aren’t many infections in ones city/country. That was the case here in the UK just a month ago. Now look…
  • My anecdotal evidence. A month ago, I knew not a soul who’d fallen victim to the Ku Klux Flu. I have one friend/colleague in the UK on a ventilator, and now a kidney dialysis machine. A tracheotemy was performed yesterday. Others have fallen ill but with a mild dose. Several Mexican relatives – not close close, but close enough – have died in CDMX.
  • If this virus seriously ravages a vulnerable country or two, might we see this disease produce some failed states?I hope not. I think probably not. But it’s possible, is it not?
  • Is this disease deadly enough? From a cold blooded, numbers perspective, do we need this disease to be a little bit more of a killer?
  1. With our economies in tatters, we really need this to kill off at least double the number of pensioners – we can’t afford them. 
  2. If not enough people die to have a lasting effect on our psyche, governments who were already slow to react this time, will be positively reluctant to act next time – if next time is the ‘big one’, we’re fucked. Perhaps we need treble the fatalities.
  3. Our environment is teetering on the edge of an abyss. And the size of the human population is to blame. Perhaps what we really need in order to preserve the future of both the planet and the human race, is a full on biblical, plague level rate of fatalities. But if it could just pass me by, for favour…

I hope I haven’t brought you down. Need some good news? Christmas is only 234 days away. Let’s just hope Santa doesn’t end up with a fatal case of Covid-19.

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