Of Pigs and Bulls

Buenos dias everyone! I have had my last day in Mexico City, for now anyway, and its been great! Wish I hadn´t booked my flight to Merida then I could have stayed a day or two longer, but ce la vie. Spent most of yesterday wandering about checking out the sites and making use of their subway system. Which is incredible by the way. Puts the London Underground to shame. You pay two pesos to get in the system and then go where you want. its clean, quick and comfy. I think its quite a recently built thing though.

I went on trip to see a bull fight across the other side of the city with a few Aussies and discovered a few basics about Mexico. Firstly, the bull fighting season ended last month, and there was no bullfighting. Secondly, the Mexicans don´t like to disappoint you with a negative answer, and will give you all the directions you need, tell you how good it is, but omit to mention that it isnt on! Still it was a worthwhile trip just for the exploration value, and I learnt another lesson. Ordering a random dish from a cafe menu can lead to a surprises….the Aussies are still laughing at the look on my face when the waitress brought me the half a pig I ordered! I kid you not, the thing was a good 18″ long with a similar circumference. Tasty though!

I also possibly haven´t timed my visit to Mexico that well either! The Presidential elections are next week, and despite the lack of real politics in the country, that doesn´t stop the people getting REAL passionate about it! I have already strolled through a few rallies and demos, and they all get quite intense! I will ensure I´m on a beach in the middle of nowhere this time next week, as there are at least 5,000 political parties, which means there are going to be 4,999 very upset groups out there! Only problem is I´m flying into the Yucatan just in time for the hurricane season. Oh well, such is life!

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