Well, another city, another internet cafe, another post. Lucky you. Have had a damned busy couple of days, and am feeling much in need of a holiday! Climbing four Mayan/Aztec/Toltec pyramids in as many days is damned hard work, and there are blisters on the end of my toes to prove it. Still it has all been worth it, with some amazing views to be had, although I haven´t managed to convince an internet cafe owner to let me plug my camera into one of his PC´s yet. I dare say the fact I can´t speak Spanish and they can´t speak English isn´t particularly helpful. The huge mass of cables and boxes I produce from my bag probably scares them a little too.

The only fear I have at the moment is ordering food. After the ´half a pig´incident I have mainly been eating pizza! Anyways, I am currently staying in Merida which is a really nice old colonial town in the Yucatan. It feels a hell of a lot safer here than DF (Mexico City), and its a damned site hotter! Its about 9pm at the moment….in DF I would be safely hidden away in the hostel by now, behind the man with the machine gun guarding the door! This is Mayan territory though and a different kettle of fish altogether. There are no chicas here…only 3´6” dwarves! Very friendly and nice, but perhaps should inter marry with the hispanics a bit more to see if they can get an average height of more than 4 foot!

The one thing I miss about DF is the company. The city was full of Aussies, South Africans and Kiwis who are naturally sociable and easy to talk to, but now I am firmly in a German Tourist Zone. I will maybe regale them with tales of Basil Fawlty and his Germanic adventures. And then tonight I may break into the hotels laundry room and put all their towels over every seat, bench and stool in sight. Do Mexicans associate that with Germans too? I wonder….Nevermind, I am in need of some peace and quiet before I go on to Cancun and along the coast which will no doubt be plagued by ´overly sociable´ Yankees. One extreme to another…

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